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Rail passes
UK & Ireland Rail Passes
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Last update:August 2010
Europe Rail Passes

These train passes offers great value, convenience and flexibility for exploring fascinating destinations in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.You have the freedom to travel as often as you want, when you want, hopping on and off trains, hassle-free. This unparalleled flexibility allows you to stay for a few more days in a particular city, or add an extra destination to your itinerary.
United Kingdom Passes
(England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales)

BritRail Pass
BritRail England Pass
BritRail + Ireland Pass
InterRail Great Brtain Pass
InteRail Ireland Pass
Eurail Ireland Train Pass
Exclusively for travelers staying within England or Scotland. Passes are available in either Consecutive with a choice of 8 , 15, 22 days or 1 full month of travel. Or Flexible travel with a 4, 8, 15 day pass to use within 2 months.
BritRail England Consecutive Pass
BriRail England flexi pass
BritRail England Consecutive Eurail Youth Pass
BritRail England Consecutive Flexi Eurail Youth Pass
BritRail Central Scotland Pass
BritRail England London Plus Pass
BritRail Scottish freedom pass
Country Passes
Eurail Global Pass
For All of Europe

Starting at $424, the most Popular Pass. Travel through 21 European countries. Travel options available: 15 - 21 travel days within 2 months (flexible) or 15 days up to 3 months continuous travel (consecutive).
All Global Pass
Eurail Global Pass(Consecutive travel days)
Eurail Global Pass(Flexible travel days)
Eurail Select Pass
Traveling in 3 to 5 Countries

Starting at $269, Choose from a selection of 3, 4, or 5 bordering countries. Travel options available: 10 travel days within 2 months.
All Select Passes
Eurail Select Pass 3 countries
Eurail Select Pass 4 countries
Eurail Select Pass 5 countries
Eurail Regional Pass
Traveling in 2 Countries

Starting at $156, unlimited rail travel in a select two/three country region. Travel options available: 3 - 10 travel days (varying by country) within 2 months.
Eurail Benelux-France Pass
Eurail Benelux-Germany
Eurail France-Italy Pass
Popular Regional Passes
All Regional Passes
Eurail Austria-Croatia/Slovenia Pass
Eurail Austria-Czech Republic Pass
Eurail Austria-Germany Pass
Eurail Austria-Hungary Pass
Eurail Austria-Switzerland Pass
Eurail Benelux-France Pass
Eurail Benelux-Germany Pass
Eurail Czech Republic-Germany Pass
Eurail Denmark-Germany Pass
Eurail Denmark-Sweden Pass
Eurail Finland-Sweden Pass
Eurail France-Germany Pass
Eurail France-Italy Pass
Eurail France-Spain Pass
Eurail France-Switzerland Pass
Eurail Germany-Switzerland Pass
Eurail Germany-Poland Pass
Eurail Greece-Italy Pass
Eurail Hungary-Romania Pass
Eurail Italy-Spain Pass
Eurail Norway-Sweden Pass
Eurail Portugal-Spain Pass
Eurail Scandinavia Pass
Eurail one Country Pass
Traveling in 1 Country

Starting at $41, choose from 21 featured countries with Italy being our favorite. Travel options available: 3 - 10 days within a 1 or 2 month period.
All One Country Passes
Eurail Austria Pass
Eurail Benelux Pass
Eurail Bulgaria Pass
Eurail Croatia Pass
Eurail Czech Republic Pass
Eurail Denmark Pass
Eurail Finland Pass
Eurail Greece Pass
Eurail Hungary Pass
Eurail Ireland Pass
Eurail Italy Pass
Eurail Norway Pass
Eurail Poland Pass
Eurail Portugal Pass
Eurail Romania Pass
Eurail Slovenia Pass
Eurail Spain Pass
Eurail Sweden Pass
Popular Regional Passes
Eurail Spain Pass
Eurail Italy Pass

Australia & New Zealand Rail Passes
JAPAN RAIL PASS... The Key To Convenient Sightseeing In Japan. The JAPAN RAIL PASS is offered by the six companies that make up the Japan Railways Group (JR Group).

The JAPAN RAIL PASS offers an incredibly economical way to travel throughout Japan by rail. Please be aware, however, that some restrictions apply. The pass is not valid for “NOZOMI” trains on the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen lines.

Japan Rail Pass
Eurail is a cooperation between 25 European railway companies offering discounted rail travel in Europe to non-European residents. Eurail passes offer you exceptional value to travel in One or many European countries. Standard rail travel in both 1st and 2nd Classes with discounts for Youth travelers, and small saver groups (2 to 5 passengers). Eurail passes are offered with varying validities and flexibility – the choice is yours!

Unfortunately Eurail Passes are not valid for residents of Europe, the Russian Federation, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.
Canada Rail Passes
The Canrailpass is the perfect choice for people who want to go a long way on a limited budget. Travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific and even north to Hudson Bay! Or purchase a Canrailpass for travel exclusively within the Québec City - Windsor corridor. The choice is up to you!
Via 6 Pak
Austrail Flexi Pass provides you unlimited and flexible train travel on Rail Australia lines for 15 or 22 days within 6 months. The Backtracker Rail Pass also gives you the freedom of unlimited Train Travel via XPT and Xplorer with over 360 destinations in New South Whales. Valid for 14 days in 1, 3 or 6 months. Or, enjoy 6 months of train travel on the The Ghan, Indian Pacific and The Overland in any direction with the Rail Explorer Pass.
Austrail Pass
Backtracker Rail Pass
Rail Explorer Pass
East Coast Discovery Pass
Queensland Explorer Pass
New Zealand
The Scenic Rail Pass is an easy to use, great value pass allowing you to travel around New Zealand on the Tranz Scenic rail network at your own pace. The pass is designed for independent travellers who want to experience a rail vacation or get the best out of their holidays to New Zealand and experience the true beauty and benefits of train travel.
Choose 7 or 14 travel days within the North & South Island on the TranzScenic network. Puurchase with or without a Ferry ride.

TranzScenic 14 Day North & South Island Pass
TranzScenic 7 Day North & South Island Pass
TranzScenic 7 Day South Island Pass