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Your Guide to Planning
You are ready to hit the road, but the details can seem so overwhelming. From looking for international airfares to packing for your journey, Here is a  guide to make planning your journey easier. After all, we too are travelers who understand the importance of having everything in order.

Last update:October 2010
Budgeting for Your Trip
One of the biggest travel barriers people have is the cost, but the reality is that saving for your travels and getting the best value for your airfare is not that hard to do when you pick the right agency.

How Long Should You Travel in Each Place?
We all have a different purpose for traveling, but the more time we can physically spend in one place the more we will learn about the unique local customs, cultures and cuisines, in addition to finding those hidden gems off the beaten path.

Who Are You Traveling With?
However you decide to travel, with or without someone, you canít go wrong either way. To go solo or to travel with others - both will add excitement to your adventure. Take your pick and go!

Packing For Your Trip
Having more luggage than you need will simply add unnecessary weight for your travels. Be smart and slim down those bags before leaving so that your time away can be more pleasant. Read on for free planning and packing checklists along with important information about baggage allowances and tips for trouble-free traveling.

Passports and Visas
Even if you are not planning to travel soon, you should still get your passport since it is the key to unlocking your journey. Something else to consider when planning your trip is whether or not you will need a visa (or visas) for your destination(s). Itís best to know way in advance which documents will be needed before you leave.

Common Airfare and Travel Myths
The internet is a vast place and there are many stories that are told about travel. We have compiled some of the most common Around the World travel myths that are untrue in hopes of making your journey easier to plan.

Travel Safely
Traveling around the world or to multiple destinations is generally safer than staying at home. With a few simple preparations and precautions your trip can be safer, healthier and worry-free.

Travel Insurance
No one expects to cancel or interrupt a planned trip or to incur costs due to emergency medical expenses, trip delay or lost luggage. Such events can occur, so having solid insurance protection at that crucial moment can make all the difference in the world. See how the many benefits can help.

Money on the Road
Not every destination will accommodate your local currency. Read on for more details that explain some of the best ways to prepare and bring money for your journey.