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Who Are You Traveling With?

Last update:October 2010
If you plan to travel, at some point, you will need to decide on a travel companion or consider going alone. Either way you really canít go wrong. Going solo may seem intimidating yet many fellow AirTrekers prefer to travel this way. Think of all the unique walks-of-life you will come across during your solo journey; on the other hand, traveling with company ensures you will have someone to share the experiences with Ė also a great way to travel. Think about whatís right for you and what you would like to get out of your travels. However you decide to go, your departure will lead you in the right direction.
Traveling with one other person or many can be advantageous. You get to freely converse with a companion, share in past travel tales while creating new ones, and move simultaneously through the beautiful vistas and nooks-and-crannies of our world. Imagine the bliss that is felt when Peruís Machu Picchu first appears during the highly anticipated trek or the sense of accomplishment when reaching the top of Ethiopiaís Mt. Kilimanjaro Ė Would you rather experience this magic solo or with someone you know?
On the other hand, the excitement of traveling solo is unparalleled. Many claim itís the ultimate way to go in order to be completely in the moment, undiluted, and lacking any distraction otherwise felt with a travel companion. Soloing allows complete control of ones schedule and yields the freedom to do what one wants and when one wants it, as well as making friends with a host of culturally different people. Think about whom you may or may not want travel with, then go!