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Packing for Your Trip

Last update:October 2010
The best packing advice we can give is “pack light” . It is common to want to take more stuff than we actually need. Have you ever returned from your travels with clothing you did not wear? It’s all too common yet avoidable. Every little thing in our bags translates into carrying weight on our bodies and on the weighing scales at the airport check-in. The more we can leave behind the better off we will be. And having a little extra wiggle room in our luggage guarantees us space to fit new memorabilia. Plus, in most places, you can pick up what you need while on the road.

Baggage Allowances
Gone are the days when you could show up to the airport and easily pass through security with several bags in hand. Travelers are now faced with many challenges including luggage restrictions placed on weight, size, quantity and how to properly clear our carry-on(s) and toiletries through security.
Each of the airlines may differ slightly with their luggage restrictions, so make sure you check the Web sites for all of the