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How Long Should You Travel in Each Place?
Last update:October 2010
Everyone has a different purpose for traveling. There is no real time frame for how long you should travel for. Itís fair to say the longer we can stay in one place the more we will gain from further learning about the local customs, unique cultures and cuisines, which will leave us more time to discover the many hidden, tucked-away surprises that can make for a memorable dream break.
The amount of time chosen for each destination will differ from place to place. Will this be your first time visiting or are you a seasoned traveler who plans to return to familiar terrains? If you are able to go unhurried then spend more time experiencing where you are, and less time worrying about where you are going next. Slowing your momentum will help incorporate you into the local mix. However, if you are constrained by time but would like to touch down in a few places then you might consider picking main city hubs to fly to so you can eliminate unnecessary stops, which will add more time away from the places you want to see.
And remember that the airlines will not issue tickets to anyone who plans to fly a year from now since those fares are not even available this far out.