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Travel Budget - How Do I Save For My Trip?

Last update:October 2010
Saving money for your travels
Saving money is one of the first steps to take if you are serious about traveling. Sound like a daunting task or just a step in the right direction? We think the latter…
Saving is easy once you put your mind to it. Ask yourself two questions: (1) What are you currently spending money on and (2) What could you eliminate from your daily spending in order to help build a nest egg for travel?
You might go out twice a month with friends for a $50 dinner inclusive of drinks and tip. This may not seem like much, but for six months it will add up to $600. And in many parts of the world $600 can account for an entire month of food and lodging.
Pretty easy, right? Begin by downloading some of our free planning forms and checklists below to see where you stand and how you might make considerable adjustments to your spending habits and improve the likelihood for international travel.

Being flexible can save you money
Having flexible dates can give you more low fares to choose from.
Being flexible about which airlines to fly will allow your Personal Travel Consultant more fares to choose from.
The more fares your Personal Travel Consultant has to choose from the greater the ability s/he can give you the best possible value.
Booking early will help ensure a lower price, better value and faster service
Just because a fare exists does not mean a plane seat is available … book early
Good fares with fewer restrictions sell out quickly … book early
Good fares with low prices sell out quickly … book early
Generally you will get the best value if you book your flights between 2 and 4 months prior to your departure date … book early